JMEA History

If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, then The Duval County-Jacksonville Master Electricians Association is a member of the Family. Prior to its inception, there was no one association that truly was representative of all segments of that portion of the electrical contractor industry that serves the public, and was regulated by law. In the 1950’s and earlier, there was no County ordinance adopting an electrical code, and the only electrical code enforced at all in the county was the City Code, which was enforced by virtue of the fact that the City Electric Utility provided electric service, and the City Electrical Inspection Department assumed authority. This authority was put to a court test, and the court ruled that the City could only require compliance with reasonable rules in their role as the electric utility serving the premises. The need for an electrical code for the safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity has long been recognized, but it is also recognized that without a government exercising jurisdiction, the using public is not afforded protection from those who would ignore recognized safe practice codes.

Various associations and individuals had tried for years to have a county code enacted to no avail. One approach towards banding together under one organization for uniform effort was tried under the then newly founded Florida Association of Electrical Contractors. Progress was being made until the local union filed an action with the National Labor Relations Board, contending that the union represented the majority of the employees of the FAEC members, whereupon all nonunion employer members resigned. A group of dedicated individuals conceived the approach that the City exercised its code enforcement authority through requirements that Permits for Electrical Work were, and are, issued only to certified Master Electricians, and therefore a Master Electricians Association should be formed.

The Duval County-Jacksonville Master Electricians Association was founded after long and arduous hours and months of efforts to compose a charter and by-laws to define the objectives of the association and to convince Master Electricians/Contractors to join for the good of the industry.

In December 1961, a proposed Constitution and By-Laws was mailed to all certified Master Electricians, inviting them to join the proposed organization. The organizational meeting was held January 7, 1962 with 28 members in attendance. The first officers and directors of the association were:

J.W. Hagan President
Ed Snyder Vice-President
W.S. Binckley Secretary
Bill Thompson Treasurer

The Association, through its members, has been active in all matters pertaining to the Laws, Rules, and Regulations affecting the electrical construction industry. For years, the only printed rules of the Electric Utility Department for electric service installations were those published by the Association as transcribed from the “Hip-Pocket”, rules with which contractors were confronted.

Members of the association were appointed by the County Commission to an ad hoc committee for the purpose of holding hearings and drafting an Electrical code and a recommended organization for an electrical inspection department for Duval County.

In addition, members served on the pre-consolidation Electrical Licensing Boards of the city and county, the ad hoc committee that drafted the Consolidated City Building Codes, and the Zoning and Building Codes Adjustment Board [ZABCAB, now BCAB]. Currently members serve on the Construction Licensing Board, and the National Fire Protection Association Code Making Panels. The Association’s Liaison Committee works with the JEA and the various officials of the City and State governments on their administrative rules, regulations and policies affecting the Association’s segment of the electrical construction industry.


    • 1962 J.W. Hagan
    • 1963 J.W. Hagan
    • 1964 James W. Bell
    • 1965 Marty Baker
    • 1966 W.O. Henderson
    • 1967 W.O. Henderson
    • 1968 Taylor Sams
    • 1969 Sam Caruso
    • 1970 Bill Foley
    • 1971 Cortez Creel
    • 1972 Buck Autrey
    • 1973 Dorsey Carroll
    • 1974 Ernest Lea
    • 1975 Al Stephanelli
    • 1976 Richard J. Snyder
    • 1977 John Griffin
    • 1978 Don Miller
    • 1979 Bill Thompson
    • 1980 Elbert Scott
    • 1981 Earl Carroll
    • 1982 Ed Witt
    • 1983 Jack Pappy
    • 1984 Pat Ward
    • 1985 Joe Filzen
    • 1986 Bill Gothard
    • 1987 J.R. McLaughlin
    • 1988 Ron Cogburn
    • 1989 Ernie Isaac
    • 1990 Ron Autrey
    • 1991 J.C. Patrick
    • 1992 Charles Mardant
    • 1993 David DeBerry, Sr.
    • 1994 Larry Cogburn
    • 1995 Dorsey L. Carroll, III
    • 1996 Paul Sandefer
    • 1997 Thomas J. Sanders
    • 1998 John L. LiBrandi
    • 1999 Kimberly DeBerry
    • 2000 Raymond Smith
    • 2001 Dan Carter
    • 2002 Ronnie Roberts
    • 2003 Richard Graves
    • 2004 Robert Lust
    • 2005 Cliff Norton
    • 2006 Mike Kistner
    • 2007 Danny Padgett
    • 2008 Gus English
    • 2009 Jonny Moor
    • 2010 Michael A. Murphy
    • 2011 Wesley Wheeler
    • 2012 Brian Seay
    • 2013 Gary Hopkins
    • 2014 Mike Gibbons
    • 2015 Miles MacEachern
    • 2016 Chuck Stowe