Jacksonville Master Electricians Association

Why Become a Member?

  •   Be recognized as part of an organization that values and promotes professional integrity.
  •   Have the opportunity to be in direct contact with the local AHJ(s).
  •   Have the opportunity to be in direct contact with local utilities.
  •   Be aware of local and state governmental issues and/or initiatives that directly affect our business, and have the ability to affect change.
  •   Membership and participation increases opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with others in the same profession for mutual benefit.
  •   Network with like-minded professionals for business opportunities, the opportunity to learn from their successes and how they’ve dealt with the challenges we all face.
  •  Develop personal relationships and fellowship with other industry professionals.
  • Have the ability to participate in JMEA events.
  • Be able to meet with top industry vendors to learn about their offered services, the product lines they carry and new innovations coming in the electrical supply industry.


Dear Fellow Master Electrician:

The Duval County - Jacksonville Master Electricians Association was founded January 1962 with twenty-eight members. The first priority of the Association was to establish an electrical code for enforcement by City/Council authorities. Today the membership has quadrupled and the Association is active in all matters pertaining to the laws, rules and regulations affecting the Electrical Contracting Industry.

You are invited to submit your application for membership.

An application for membership is available for download here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Association Office at 904-636-0663

Very truly yours,

Katie Enkiri, Associate Secretary