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Why Be A Sponsor of the JMEA?

• Be recognized as supporting an organization which values and promotes professional integrity.

• Have the opportunity to be in direct contact with the principals and decision makers at client contractors who are the lifeline to daily business.

• Have the opportunity to participate in JMEA events, and present products/services to the Membership.

• Be among the first companies that members reach out to for business.

• Have the opportunity to be in direct contact with local inspecting authorities and local utilities to be aware of local trends affecting the electrical business.

• Maintain an awareness of local and state governmental issues and/or initiatives that directly affect the electrical business, and have the ability to affect change.

• JMEA sponsorship and participation increase opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with others in the same profession for mutual benefit.

• Network with like-minded professionals for business opportunities, the opportunity to learn from their successes and how they’ve dealt with the challenges we all face.

• Develop personal relationships and fellowship with other industry professionals.

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